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Leadership is a Privilege.

People choose to follow a leader. They make an intentional choice based on a leaders words, behaviors and how they make them feel.

That’s why it’s important to Lead with TACT:

📌 Trust: Every interaction is either depositing into or withdrawing from the trust account. Does this leader have MY best interest in mind. Do they know me, my strengths, my goals and act as a partner in my career success.

📌 Accountability: Does this leader take responsibility for their actions. Do they lead equitably and inclusively. How do they handle mistakes they or others make?

📌 Communication is Key: Does this leader listen and speak with intent and empathy. Is their voice the most important one or do they elevate the voices of others?

📌 Take Action: Does this leader take strategic action based on the needs of the individual, team and organization? Do they follow through and honor the commitments they make?

Share your thoughts. What attributes do you believe great leaders exemplify?

For more information on The TACT Leadership Model schedule a call today!

Let’s grow together!

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