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Building Better

We partner with you to foster collaborative Teams, empathetic Leaders, and psychologically safe work Culture.

Practice Curiosity.

Identify Commonality.

Build Connection.
Create Community.

Our Expertise

Comprehensive DEI Programs
Fostering an Inclusive Workplace

Develop a workplace where everyone feels safe, seen, heard, valued and included. Our DEI initiatives promote diversity and equity, enhancing employee satisfaction and driving creativity and collaboration within your team.

Leadership Enablement
Empowering and Inspiring Leaders

Equip your leadership team with the skills to inspire and lead effectively. Our training programs enhance decision-making, communication, and empathy, ensuring leaders can drive their teams towards greater innovation and success.

Workforce Development
Building a Future-Ready Team

We prepare your workforce for future challenges with customized training programs, career development plans, and resilience-building initiatives. Our goal is to ensure your employees are well-equipped to thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

Financial Literacy Training
Enhancing Financial Acumen

Our financial literacy workshops and custom training programs provide your team with essential financial knowledge. This empowers them to make informed, data-driven decisions that contribute to better budget management and strategic growth.

What We Offer


Foster Inclusivity Through Our Specialized DEI Training and Leadership Development Workshops.

 Engaged Teams


Elevate Your Leadership with our Transformative One-on-One and Cohort Coaching Programs.

 Strategic Leaders


Transform Your Workplace with Proven Consulting Strategies for a Thriving Organizational Culture.

 Inclusive Culture


Trusted Clients

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Client Reviews

Robert H Johnson Jr. helped me and others build what is now known as one of the most powerful DEI workshops currently offered in Amazon. Robert Johnson didn't disappoint! Amazon is thankful for the relationship that we have with Robert and thankful for him sharing his wisdom, knowledge, and innate ability to create psychological safety within the workshop.

As of this week, we have done the analysis and determined that this workshop is statistically significant year over year. Behaviors and Barriers have changed because of this experiential immersive workshop.

Our Founder


Inclusive Leadership Consultant

DEI Thought Leader  

Keynote Speaker 

In 2017, Robert founded RHJ Consulting Group, LLC, a trusted partner to Fortune 100 companies, as well as medium and small businesses. The firm specializes in crafting practical, high-impact strategies in diversity, equity, and inclusion, along with employee resource group management, leadership development, and business transformation.. With a sharp focus on driving transformative change, Robert has played an instrumental role in guiding organizations and individuals toward inclusive and efficient leadership models.

Robert's expertise has garnered recognition on multiple fronts. He's been recognized as a Top Leadership Development Voice on LinkedIn, featured on The Portia Show on Fox5 and FoxSoul, highlighted in VoyageATL, and honored as a key figure on COLOR Magazine's prestigious 2023 Top Chief Diversity Officer Powerlist.

Robert's proven leadership, coaching, and speaking skills are unparalleled His passion and dedication lie in developing and inspiring people to reach their full potential. Whether addressing intimate gatherings or large audiences, Robert's presentation style is consistently engaging, informative, and entertaining. Throughout his career and personal life, he continually demonstrates his unwavering commitment to inclusion, leadership, and development by coaching, mentoring, and sponsoring others.

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